Friday, 16 February 2007

letterpress business cards

Hallo again,

I was out at the printing studio again last night and finally made some progress on my business cards. Having satisfied myself with the design, I printed lots - but now I want to change bits again! This most probably isn't the final design.

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This one is the design I printed most of, and the one I would probably use.

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This one is a bit quirkier... I had to print on the card twice to make the word "design" appear as if it was edging off the top of the card and re-appearing at the bottom.

In case you're interested, my name is printed in Bembo 30 point, with everything else in Bembo 12 point type.


Anonymous said...

Like it. I want one. Matt

shoobydoo said...

Love these...there's just something really lovely about letterpress!