Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Rooibos tea and Emsworth

Just some old pics of a tea box designed by ilovedust and me for some Rooibos tea, which I am now addicted to since it was introduced by my colleague from South Africa (yup, rooibos is South-African don't ya know.)
Oh yeah, and the harbour a few feet down the road from the office. Summer could be here. Just.

Monday, 21 April 2008

nico magazine

Some nice stuff in Nico magazine, amongst other things - illustration by Hiroshi Tanabe (top 2 images), fashion by Cathy Pill (next two) and graphics/illustration by Richard Niesson (bottom two images.)
Nico seems to be a fairly new magazine, with only two issues so far and articles are in English and French. Lots of fashion mixed in with illustration and design, photography, advertising and the creative industries in general. Nice design, interesting content and not too many ads!

Ginger Zebra Cake

I baked a cake for the first time I think since Home technology class at school. The incentive - a bake-off at work, to decide finally which of us makes the finest cake.
My entry is dubbed by me ginger zebra cake, because I didn't have enough icing and so it went on in stripes instead of criss-crossed as planned.
It is the most gingery cake in all the land, good if you like a bit of spiciness with yer cuppa.
The recipe I followed is on the BBC Good Food site, here. I also followed the comments about substituting some syrup for milk to make the cake even stickier. Oh yeah, and I chucked in some grated root ginger in substitute for one of the teaspoons of ground ginger.
Then iced it with lemon icing - just lemon juice mixed into icing sugar until it is runny - which makes the zebra stripes on top.
Might make some more soon.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Paper-cut art by Risa Fukui

Some truly amazing papercuts here - I'm always a fan of the hand-crafting and skill that goes into a good papercut, and these are superb. Risa Fukui also, astonishingly, makes animations with her work. As crazy as that sounds, I've always really liked the idea of using papercuts to create motion work.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Psychedelic ads for fizzy drinks!

A 1975 7Up commercial - "See the light of 7Up"

And a Pepsi ad with art by Peter Max from the 60s. Awesome.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008