Monday, 21 April 2008

Ginger Zebra Cake

I baked a cake for the first time I think since Home technology class at school. The incentive - a bake-off at work, to decide finally which of us makes the finest cake.
My entry is dubbed by me ginger zebra cake, because I didn't have enough icing and so it went on in stripes instead of criss-crossed as planned.
It is the most gingery cake in all the land, good if you like a bit of spiciness with yer cuppa.
The recipe I followed is on the BBC Good Food site, here. I also followed the comments about substituting some syrup for milk to make the cake even stickier. Oh yeah, and I chucked in some grated root ginger in substitute for one of the teaspoons of ground ginger.
Then iced it with lemon icing - just lemon juice mixed into icing sugar until it is runny - which makes the zebra stripes on top.
Might make some more soon.

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