Thursday, 8 March 2007

letterpress christmas card


So, this week at letterpress I thought I'd have a go at something useful... last week's attempt went a bit awry, hence the 'type faces' post, where I recycled my type into characters.

Anyway, since I'm generally terrible at remembering to go and buy xmas cards let alone send them, I thought I'd start reaaaaally early and make some nice letterpress ones.
I came up with a quick concept to set a translation of 'O Tannenbaum' in the shape of a Christmas tree, and did a quick version in Illustrator to try and figure out roughly the proportional sizes I'd have to use to make the lines form a good Christmas tree shape.

That done, it was off to letterpress, where nothing is ever straightforward. Some muddling about with word spacing and type sizes later, and here is the result.

Sort of a Christmas tree :P
So, next week there will be some fun with letter-spacing and setting the 'trunk' and hopefully some green ink, and when all that is done I'm hoping to set some random 'O's and a star in a different colour and print over the top.
Watch this space.

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